Youth studio held a sociological research on the topic «The view of students on the prohibition of smoking in university»

Lazoryk Olga Berest Polina, the studios: First, one should note that the majority of respondents were willing to contact and answered the questionnaire. Respondents selected by random, regardless of age, gender, preferences (within the target audience – students). An interesting was the fact that most of them do not smoke (73.3% of respondents). Therefore, begs the conclusion: if a few years ago, smoking cigarettes youth felt «prestige», it is all the opposite – prestigious no smoking! And it is so special to be among peers!
So, on the results of the survey. Most students who smoke has become from NMU Bohomoltsa ( National medical Uiversity of Bohomoltsa)(35.9%) and lowest – in the NauUKMA( Nationail University of ‘’Kyiv- Mohyla Academy’’ (23.3%). By the way, students, physicians participated for the first time in this poll, so the first time we had a chance to see how many future doctors and smokers and smokers in general, because they are, in our view, designed to promote healthy lifestyle among the population.

Regarding gender, but now girls and boys came up in percentage – 27% of boys and girls smoking. Remarkable is the fact that the majority of respondents familiar with the Cabinet of Ministers to ban smoking in public places, but believe it is not effective (that is almost 75%). At the same time, they recognize that adhere to the rules of smoking in their university. Regarding the accommodation areas for smoking, so here as «smokers» and those who do not smoke, indicated that the place for smoking should be located outside the territory of the school, though many smokers still inclined to a «in the university to far not to go ».
An interesting was that, 72, 5% of those who smoke and 76, 4% of those smokers suggested the following alternative ways to resolve this difficult problem: a special approach to each increase in the price of cigarettes, training on the harm of smoking, to carry out advocacy actions to reduce advertising, enhance the work of a healthy lifestyle, it also goes on increasing fines. Some suggested deduct persistent smokers from the universities and introduce special incentives for those who do not smoke.
In fact, a survey has to understand that students "smokers" smoke and do not consciously see an "okay" as a bad habit "well, and shows from that." Maybe this reflects the fact that students – no longer students, they do not have to hide from their parents with their terrible threats and notation. They receive a stipend, are eligible to dispose of it and proud to respond to parents: "I have grown!", "My money, what I want with them, and do it!" But we encourage students of all high schools do not forget that the youth – the best time, and should not spoil it unnecessary things that are not only harmful to health, but also adversely affect the appearance! A number of useful time people spend on smoking!
We think that is something to think about, and YOU?