Ends in 2008. Time summing work.

Members of the youth studio "Young chooses health department researchers and the theory and methodology of a healthy lifestyle is very grateful to all visitors to the site mzz.com.ua, who were with us throughout 2008!
Congratulations to you all a Happy New Year! Have fun, volunteer work, the success of education, good health and trusted friends!
A few words about our activities
What we have been able to do: during the October – December 2008 Youth studio with a healthy lifestyle held the first step in the preparation studiytsiv to training activities by the method of "peer". In addition, members of the studio to participate in round tables, conferences, seminars on the subject of healthy lifestyles and prevention of negative phenomena among young people, conducted a survey among students to identify ways of preventing smoking in schools and beyond (dormitories, places of recreation etc.).

The second stage is planned in the new 2009. It was then that would be considered the preparation for the training depending on the subject, prepare the necessary exercise of interesting new techniques and exercises trennihovyh adaptation for foreign students. Members of studios already in January, will begin to hold the first exercise among teenagers and students of professional colleges in Kiev.
The third stage will be devoted to the creation of youth volunteer studies in higher education. We hope that the leaders and not indifferent to the problems of students in higher educational institutions will take the initiative on creation of such Studies. We invite you to contact us with interesting suggestions.
A few words about the study. In the first four classes met with a group, took rules in the classroom, met with a program of study, which was formed in thematic blocks. Subjects first block of classes – «The technology of the training», one of the key, because it is in this period of study can not only hear but also to himself as a coach, because in this unit methods and ways to conduct classes, possible style of teaching methods of information, as well as games, ruhavok, and other exercise enerdzhayzeriv.
The second unit covered the theoretical part of our subjects (healthy lifestyles), where it was considered that such health, the most important aspects and that needs to be done for its preservation, and after consideration of the topic of health, began its consideration of the subject "Healthy Nutrition" .
The third unit dealt with the theme «Prevention of smoking, drug / Alcohol dependence and the formation of the sexual culture». These lessons dealt with the impact of psychoactive substances on the human body was developed, especially sexual culture, the need for sex education and sexual education among young people.
What could not do: not all studiytsi regularly attended classes, which somewhat complicates the process of their involvement in the work of studios in the future, were members who came down with the distance and not explaining the causes of their actions, not allowing us the possibility to invite those students, which is it was interesting (because of lack of available seats). Unable to actively work with regional representatives, who would introduce such studios in different regions of Ukraine (but this issue we plan to engage more actively in the next year).
We hope that you are still our friends and in 2009 the next year!